Julie now on Facebook

Violet in Nerstrand Woods--photo by Julie McCarty

Are you on Facebook? I finally caved and signed up just this week. I’m completely new at this, so it may take me awhile to get the hang of it.

I would love to have you as a Facebook friend… so please do look me up. I plan to focus on spiritual quotes, encouraging words, nature photos, practice watercolor paintings, and a few thoughts about life in general. And maybe a bit of personal stuff, too.

There are pros and cons about Facebook, but I want to be able to communicate better with people I care about–and that includes you!

I especially want to listen to what you have to say! So if you are timid about posting here on my blog, write to me in some other way. (Facebook is just another way to send messages.)

You are always welcome to send me email messages, too. Just visit the contact page. You can use the contact form or the email listed at the bottom of that page. I try to answer every personal email with a personal response.

I care about what you think and feel.

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