True fasting–Isaiah 58

Sometimes we can fall into doing spiritual practices as a way of showing off or competing with others.  I’m thinking that when Isaiah wrote this passage below, spiritual pride must have been running rampant:

18 Lent--week 2--fasting--Isaiah (click on image to enlarge)

This bible passage says it all. What good is eating less if you withhold food from the hungry? What good is being slender and good-looking if you treat others with disdain? What good is fasting if you quarrel and fight and “strike with a wicked fist”?

I suggest you reread what Isaiah has to say, slowly. Write it in a journal, or write it “in your heart.” Consider how to put it into practice in your life. . . at least in one little action each day or each week.

Until next time, Amen!

P.S. Coming up next week:  Lenten practice of almsgiving

4 thoughts on “True fasting–Isaiah 58

  1. Della Lelakowski

    This is a wonderful passage to meditate on during Lent and during the rest of our lives. “Where your treasure lies, there will your heart be.” How wonderful it would be to meet Our Savior while caring for the others He loves in this world. It’s truly an example of “giving your life away to save it.”


  2. Laurie Larson

    Julie, I appreciate these posts about fasting during Lent. Fasting has always conjured up resentment and anger in me as I related it to my early Catholic learning as “giving up candy.” I could not see how that pleased God except (again those old tapes in my head) as “offering it up as a sacrifice!” lol. You have educated me about other aspects of fasting such as the monks who fasted but gave their bread to the poor. This makes a lot more sense to me. Thank you!


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