Pray is the wing…and prayer is an eye

Here’s a thought for the day, about prayer:

10 Lent--Week 1--Prayer--Ambrose

Ambrose reminds us that prayer is a tool to bringing the soul into contact with the heavenly realm of God. Although God is always present (omnipresent), we are not always present and paying attention to God. When we pray, we are bringing ourselves into the presence of God.

Ambrose also speaks of Christian meditation as an “eye” with which we see God. To meditate on something, in this sense, is to ponder things in one’s heart in a prayerful manner. Some people meditate on a bible passage or particular truth of Christian belief (such as a portion of the Creed). Others meditate about the everyday events of their lives and how God is at work in those experiences, while writing in a journal, taking a walk, or sitting in a chapel. There are many diverse forms of Christian meditation (Christian “devotions” are a type of meditation).

Whatever way you like to pray, may God continue to bless you with the “wings” and “eyes” of prayer.

Until next time, Amen!



One thought on “Pray is the wing…and prayer is an eye

  1. You’re right, prayer is a great tool to bring the soul into contact with the heavenly realm. I’ve been thinking that I need to come closer to heaven lately. Like you said, I think it would be helpful to look into meditation. Do you have any other ideas?


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