Friends with You by John Denver

You may be thinking I’m a little slow to sign up for Facebook. Now that I’m on there, I’m astounded at the number of past friends I’ve been able to connect with, if only just to see their photo faces smiling at me on my computer screen.

It makes me think of how we are all truly connected in the “mystical Body of Christ” or, to put it another way, the interconnectedness of all people so many spiritual writers ponder.

Saint Valentine’s Day is a good day for pondering the our many relationships. I think of John Denver’s song “Friends with You”:

Friends I will remember you, think of you
Pray for you
And when another day is through
I’ll still be friends with you

That’s how I feel about all of you: even when I am cooped up in my writer’s studio, I’m thinking about you, praying for you… and am grateful for your many prayers for me.

If you feel like a little break from your work, a mini-spiritual meditation, check out this short YouTube video set to the song:

[If you are receiving this in email, you may need to go to my blog to see the video. Or, visit YouTube and search “John Denver Friends with You.” The video is by Catbrush 123. ]

Happy Valentine’s Day–and, until next time, Amen!

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