My Christmas wish for you–from Julie

Christmas bear--photo Julie McCarty--Eagan MNChristmas/New Year message

Dear readers:

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support over the past couple of years. I’m looking forward to more blogging and writing in 2014!

I want to wish each of you a very happy holiday season. Whatever your religious beliefs (or lack of them), you are welcome here. My heart prays and wishes all sorts of good gifts for each and everyone one of you–especially the kinds of inward blessings only God can give.

Below is a quote I found that expresses my wish for you this Christmas & New Year 2014. Most of the readers of this blog are Christ-followers, and I hope that those of you who are not Christians will understand that I am not trying in any way to trample on your personal beliefs. If you believe in the Divine One or Transcendent Being, perhaps you can translate the message below into your own religious imagery or spiritual language.

So, here it is:

What shall I wish you for Christmas? I think the best Christmas wish is that some holy and lovely thought may come to your heart with your Christmas Communion, and make its home with you and stay to strengthen you and help you to “walk forty days and forty nights” like the heavenly bread of Elias. God only knows the bread to give [God’s] creatures, and when [God] says one word it makes the impossible possible and the unlovely lovely, and the unmeaning become a revelation. (Janet Erskine Stuart*)

Communion bread and wine--photo Julie McCarty

May God bless YOU with whatever “bread” you need most.

Until next time, Amen!

*Note: Quote seen in “People’s Companion to the Breviary,” vol. 1 (Carmelites of Indianapolis, 1997)–from “Life and Letters of Janet Erskine Stuart” by Maud Monahan.

New Sharing Features on the Spiritual Drawing Board

Sharing a meal at the Minnesota Zoo -- photo by Julie McCarty

See something here at the Spiritual Drawing Board you would like to share with someone you know? At the end of each post there is now a “Share This” section. You can email the post to a friend, print a copy off to share with your small faith group, or send a message on your social network.

(At the moment, I’m having trouble using the new print feature using Internet Explorer 9, but I was able to print it using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Perhaps your computer will sail through the process. Hopefully WordPress will be fixing that soon.)

By the way, it’s fine with me if you print a copy for your own personal growth, or share with others in your bible study group, college course, or similar setting. If you would like to reprint material found here in other publications or online,  please contact me for permission before printing or republishing in any format, including the web. (It’s okay to quote small portions or place links from other sites.) See the “about” page for more details. When in doubt, please contact me with your questions.

For quick feedback, there is also a “like this” button at the end of each post.

Happy sharing–and God bless you! 
  –Julie McCarty, author of the Spiritual Drawing Board