Thought from Gandhi about forgiveness

Today I’m pondering this quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

27 Lent--week 4--Forgiveness--Gandhi

At first glance, it may seem that Gandhi is wrong? After all, it seems that the powerful would not stoop to forgiving others. To forgive seems to let the other person off the hook…and somehow that makes us feel less powerful? I don’t know… I’m just “thinking out loud”…

I think perhaps Gandhi is speaking from his own experience. He devoted his life to seeking out the truth, not only by reading about it, but by putting spiritual truths into practice, testing the truth with his life choices and experiences. One can’t accuse Gandhi of not “walking the walk” with his life.

This makes me think that Gandhi knew–from his own experience– how hard it was to truly forgive someone, especially when the wound is severe and deep. But just because it’s difficult to do, that didn’t stop Gandhi from living the principle of forgiveness. I’m thinking that Gandhi learned that it is really the stronger person, inwardly strong in spirit, who can forgive and move forward with love in their heart towards the person who hurt them.

Perhaps that’s one reason people called Gandhi “Mahatma,” a word that means “great-souled” or “Great Soul,” one who has great wisdom and selflessness.

It would take that kind of person to constantly forgive and treat others with compassion, in the manner of Mahatma Gandhi.

Until next time, Amen!