What Jesus says about love and discipleship

Words of Jesus on love/compassion:

37 Lent--Week 5--Compassion--Jesus in John 13 34-35

Most of us have heard this many times, but this message is still fresh, still needed, in our world today.

It’s worth going back and reading again–and creating your own prayer about what Jesus says–right now….

Until next time, Amen! 

Martin Luther quote about forgiveness

Today’s quote about forgiveness intrigues me… I wonder what Luther was specifically thinking about when he wrote it?

28 Lent--week 4--Forgiveness--Luther

Perhaps those of you who are preachers or have sermon experience might have some more insight into this… Why is preaching about forgiveness dangerous? Do people get angry at you for telling them to forgive one another?   Or…???

Until next time, Amen! 

The True Spirit of Fasting

Today’s quote focuses on our attitude and how we conduct ourselves while fasting:

13 Lent--week 2--fasting--Cassian

I’m thinking Cassian was reminding the monks that their spiritual practice of fasting wasn’t really of value if they were hurting one another with their actions. It sounds as if he is saying: “What good is your fasting if you are turning up your anger volume in the meantime?”

Put another way, our Lenten practices should help us to grow in the Spirit in such a way that the fruit is kindness, mercy, love, etc. towards our neighbor. As our love for God grows, our love of neighbor out to be growing as well.

At least, that’s my musings on this quote.  Any one have other ideas? I welcome your comments below.

Until next time, Amen! 


Coming your way…Lenten messages!

Lent begins tomorrow, and I’ve been working on creating images with quotations to nurture our Lenten journeys together.  I will be posting them here, and also on my public Facebook page called Spiritual Drawing Board by Julie McCarty .

Day 1 Lent--Ash Wed--Psalm 86 6 - Copy

I hope you will find these images to be nourishing food for the Lenten journey and something positive and/or meaningful you can share in social media with your friends.

I will also be posting the images here so you can receive all of them in your e-mail (you have signed up to “follow” this blog in your e-mail haven’t you?). If you follow on Facebook, make sure you visit Spiritual Drawing Board page often or you won’t see all the posts. (The current delivery rate of posts on public FB pages is only about 2%.)

Whatever plans you have for Lent, may the good Lord bless you. Let’s pray for each other during this special time of preparation for the celebration of Easter.

Until next time, Amen! 


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